A critically endangered wetland system

History of Vermont

Province; Western Cape
Area; 4.06 km2
Coordinates: 34°25′06″S 19°09′10″E
Municipality; Overstrand

Vermont is a small seaside town in the Overberg district. Vermont is on the West bank of the Onrus(Restless) River. It was established early in the 20th century. The whole area is a conservation belt. The village of Onrus is on the East bank. Both of these villages have long been popular with well-known artists and authors, including  Gregoire Boonzaaier, Elsa Joubert, Uys Krige, Hennie Niemann, Jan Rabie, and Marjorie Wallace.

Conservation area

Vermont Salt Pan and the Green Belts in Vermont are priority conservation areas. The Salt Pan is part of this system.  It is a mildly saline wetland which is also a ‘Critically Endangered Ecosystem’. Vermont is situated in a land depression of about 17.5 ha and has only a floodwater outflow. Its water levels are largely dependent on prevailing groundwater levels. There are still masses of Wildlife and birdlife to be seen here. Hundreds of flamingos frequent the Salt Pan for up to six months in a year.

The postcode in Vermont is 7201


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Useful Numbers in Vermont

  • 24-Hour Emergency line: 028 313 8000/8111
  • Police: Hermanus 028 313 5300
  • Municipality; 0283138996
  • Traffic department: Hermanus-028 313 8111
  • Fire: 028 312 2400
  • Ambulance:028 316 2763 Ambumed 028 312 3219 EMS (Provincial)
  • Post office;Onrusrivier 028 316 1180
  • Library:Hawston Public Library-028 313 1175
  • Closest hospital;Hermanus Provincial Hospital-028 312 1166
  • Kliniek-028 316 2550 (Onrusrivier)
  • Pharmacy;Onrus Pharmacy-028 316 1515
  • SPCA:Hermanus Animal Welfare Society-028 312 1281
  • Vermont Ratepayers and Environmental Association:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [/vc_column_text]

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