Van Riebeek’s explorers and the beard trimming spiders.

History of Baardskeerdersbos

Where does the name Baarskeerdersbos come from?


In about 1660 Jan van Riebeek sent some men to explore the Overberg. These men came across a small arachnid that cuts and collects hair for nest building, hence the name Baardskeerdersbos literally ‘beard shavers forest.”

The village of Baardskeerdersbos


The farm Baardskeerdersbos on plot 213 in the Bredasdorp district was surveyed in 1831 and was subsequently divided into smaller plots. The village that grew up in the area has remained small and rural for many years, however, it has lately been discovered as a rural getaway tourist destination and gateway to other areas inland. Some of the buildings are being renovated. The church which was built in 1921 is a national monument,

Fynbos habitats and the economy of Baardskeerdersbos

Baardscheerdersbos is well-known not only for its  Fynbos habitats and flower farms but also for traditional cattle farming. However, there is a more recent trend towards winemaking and olive cultivation.

Dead end “not” Sign in the village 

The postal code for Baardskeerdersbos is 7271 (boxes only)


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Things to see and do in Baardskeerdersbos

  • The Baardskeerdersbos art route Baardskeerdersbos has become home to many artists who open their homes three times a year, There are painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers, and potters
  • Take part in a chilled two-day class where you learn all about bread at Die Bakhuis, 11 Granaatlaan 082 651-7414
  • B’Bos Plaas Mark (last Saturday of the month) 12 Strandveld Street

Useful Numbers in Baardskeerdersbos

  • Police:  Gansbaai- 028 384 0201
  • Municipality:; Overberg district Bredasdorp 028 425 1157
  • Community hall: 028 384 8300
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Post office; Gansbaai  028 384 1242
  • Library: Gansbaai 028 384 8300
  • Closest hospital; Bredasdorp Mobile Clinic 028 425 1193
  • Municipal clinic Gaansbaai 028 384 1917
  • Pharmacy; Gansbaai Arrie Nel  028 384 0637
  • SPCA: BARC animal welfare Gaansbaai 083 742 3903
  • Schools: Closest schools are in Gansbaai                                                                         [/vc_column_text]

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