During the Second World War Yzerfontein was the site of a radar station which was built in 1943

History of Yzerfontein


Province: Western Cape
West coast
Coordinates: 33.333°S 18.162°E
Area: 6.68 km2
Municipality: Swartland

Archaeological digs in Yzerfontein have found remains of food and tools left by ancient people.
The Dutch settlement dates from 1732 when Cornelius Heufke got permission to graze his livestock on a farm called Eijzerfontein (this name because of the iron deposits in the drinking water).
Yzerfontein was a popular place for inland farmers to have a camping holiday by the sea. Farmers who took their holidays here often brought their own supplies, such as a cow for milk and hens for eggs. In order to keep the stock safe from jackals, the animals were kept on the island which was cut off from the mainland at high tide.
The area is also known for cement production which was obtained from mussel shells. There are two old kilns, built in the 1940s that can be seen in the area where the shells were burned and the ash raked out. There were three uses for this product, cement, and whitewash to paint buildings and it was also mixed with animal fat to make walls waterproof. The castle in Cape Town was built using cement made using mussel shells from Yzerfontein. These kilns were declared as national monuments in1980
Yzerfontein has salt pans and the remains of the harbour which was built in 1911 for the purpose of shipping salt to Cape Town can be seen today. The oldest building in Yzerfontein is Vishuis, a thatched cottage that is now the tourism office.
During the Second World War Yzerfontein was the site of a radar station built in 1943 and run by six women who would track enemy ships and air activity
In 1937 Parts of the farm were sold to “Yzerfontein Seaside Estates.” During that year Yzerfontein received town status and was called a “township.” In 1960 it was declared as a Local Area, but it was only in 1989 that a Local Council was elected.

The postcode for Yzerfontein is 7351


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Things to see and do in Yzerfontein

  • “Yzerfontein is known for its Sixteen Mile Beach which stretches north from the main beach of the town to the West Coast National Park. It’s the longest unbroken beach in the country and you can spend hours strolling, walking your dogs, and swimming. This beach has blue flag status
  • There are great birdwatching opportunities in Yzerfontein
  • The Snoek derby is in December
  • Yzerfontein Art Route  078 452 8132
  • West Coast Flower Trail Run at !Khwa ttu, held in spring.022 451 2202
  • https://www.yzerfonteintourism.co.za/about
  • The Yzerfontein Urban Conservancy.. voluntary group looks after the 127ha of green belt that’s part of the swaartland nature reserve. Two nature gardens offer visitors a closer look at the local strandveld and coastal fynbos, while the Schaapen Island hike trail offers spectacular views of the coastline, whale, and dolphin watching, and even possibly an encounter with the resident ostriches that roam the village and are often seen visiting the beach   082 494 7004
  • , Dassen Island is home to some 60,000 African Penguins, it is located 9km off the coastline of Yzerfontein.  The hardy flora supports a diverse range of animals including reptiles, wild feral cats, European rabbits, and Dassies
  • The Blombosch 4×4 Nature Trail
  • Yzerfontein oyster festival

Useful Numbers in Yzerfontein


  • Municipality 022 451 8400
  • General emergency 022 487 9400
  • Police: Darling 022 451 2366
  • Traffic department: Atlantis 021 444 1330
  • Fire: 022 4879479
  • Water: 022 487 9479
  • Electricity:022 487 9479
  • Ambulance:10177 022 433 8700
  • Post office; 072 247 9986
  • Library:
  • Closest hospital; Darling Clinic 022 492 2626
  • Pharmacy; 022 451 2095
  • SPCA:022 289 0998
  • ” Die Courant”: 022 487 3221
  • Swartland Gazette: 022 482 3817
  • Community Hall  022 451 2366
  • NSRI Station 34  082 990 5974
  • SANCCOB:022 557 6155
  • Schools: Darling primary022 492 2503
  • Museum; !Kwa ttu 022 492 2998
  • Tourism- 022 451 2985



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