Province: Western Cape
West coast
Coordinates:33°24′26″S 18°15′05″E
Area: 10.76 km2
Municipality: Swartland

The name Jakkalsfonteindates from the 1690s when farms along the West Coast road were first given names. The earliest source is a report from 1804 when Jakkalsfontein was set aside by the government for the breeding of sheep. for wool.

Previously  Jakkalsfontein was one of the stops on the old road between Cape Town and Saldanha Bay. It took a soldier three days to walk the long distance through his region in order to deliver mail. The area is known as the Slagtersveld,  Elephants, lions, leopards, and wild dogs used to roam freely here.

There is a beautiful 1844 Victorian-era map of Jakkalsfontein in the Cape archives. It is hand drawn on cartridge paper and backed with cheesecloth. The piece of work was never signed but has been well preserved. It shows all the farms in the area such as Yzerfontein, Tygerfontein, Modder river, Rondeberg and of course Jakkalsfontein.
The area was mostly government-owned and leased to butchers who supplied the settlers with meat. However, by 1844 many farms were in private hands.
In 1898, 5 small salt pans were discovered on Jakkalsfontein by Okkert a Hottentot who worked on the farm. Salt was a valuable commodity used by fishermen, tanners and butchers.

The postcode for Jakkalsfontein is 7345


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Useful Numbers

  • Police: Darling 022 492 2314
  • Municipality-Malmesbury-022 487 9400 A/H 022 487 9479
  • Traffic department: Malmesbury 022 487 9400
  • Fire: 022 4822996
  • Water:022 487 9400
  • Electricity:022 487 9400
  • Ambulance:10177
  • Post office; 022 492 2780
  • Library:022 492 2237
  • Closest hospital; Darling clinic 022 492 2626
  • Pharmacy;022492 2782
  • SPCA:Swartland022 492 2781                                                                                             [/vc_column_text]

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