Evidence of human settlement in the area dating back one million years

History of Wemmershoek

Province: Western Cape
Coordinates: 33°52′28″S 19°02′25″E
Area: 1.04 km2
Municipality: Stellenbosch

Wemmershoek dam

Wemmershoek is a small village famous mostly for the Wemmershoek Dam on the Wemmershoek River was established in 1957.]
. The dam has a capacity of 58 644 000 m3 behind a 55 m wall at a maximum height above foundation level. The dam serves mainly for municipal and industrial use as part of the Western Cape Water Supply System which supplies the city of Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Early inhabitants

Artifacts that have been found in the area show evidence of humans dating back nearly 1 million years. The San were the first known inhabitants. Khoi people who were nomadic were also in the area and they moved around looking for grazing for their cattle.
The first European in the area of the Berg River was Abraham Gabbema in 1657 when Jan van Riebeek sent him to trade for meat with the Khoekhoe people.

Huguenot farmers

Simon Van Der Stel Governor at the Cape could not find farmers prepared to settle in the unknown outlying areas until The French Huguenots arrived. The Dutch East India Company granted them land along the Berg River. the immigration of Huguenots and free Burgers into the area continued for about ten years. Their skill at viticulture produced wine of superior quality.
An outpost was established near Somerset west in 1679 for wheat cultivation which was needed, as food production was not enough to feed the growing settler population at the Cape


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Useful Numbers in Wemmershoek

  • Police: Franschhoek-021 876 8061
  • Traffic department: Paarl-021 807 6284
  • Fire: Paarl-021 872 2323
  • Water; 021 808 8498 / 021 808 8551 / 021 808 8550
  • Electricity: 021 808 8498 / 021 808 8551 / 021 808 8550
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Post office; Franschhoek-021 876 2342
  • Library: Pniel Public Library-021 808 8499
  • Closest hospital; Franschhoek South Clinic021 876 2172
  • Clinic; Groendal Clinic-021 876 3714
  • Pharmacy; Link Franschhoek Pharmacy-021 876 2261
  • SPCA: Paarl-021 863 2720
  • Schools:Wemmershoek Primary School-0218670166                                                                [/vc_column_text]

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