History in Woodstock


Province; Western Cape
Coordinates; 33°55′50″S “18°26′50″E
Area; 4.54 km2
Municipality; City of Cape Town

Woodstock was previously called Papendorp, named after Pieter van Papendorp who settled there in the mid-1800s. In the years following, a number of people built their homes near the Van Papendorp homestead. For a time it was known as Albert Road. The area grew and by the 1860s it became quite a fashionable seaside suburb. The area developed fast when the railway line reached here in 1862. In the 1870s the beachfront was just North of the Castle and the area was a popular bathing spot with beachfront cottages. Later it was amalgamated with Salt River, the neighbouring suburb. The story has it that a meeting was held at the Woodstock Hotel. Here residents were to propose a new name for the suburb. A group of inebriated fishermen put forward the name Woodstock after their favourite pub. Because they made up the greatest number present the motion was passed.

Woodstock map mid-1930s pre foreshore reclaimation

By 1903 the area had changed somewhat from residential to industrial when there was a great demand for supplies for the British troops during the two Anglo-Boer wars. The first glass in South Africa was manufactured at the Woodstock Glass Factory in 1879.
When land was reclaimed in the 1950s to create the Foreshore, the Woodstock beach was lost.
Lower parts of Woodstock became somewhat rundown after 1950 but the area has recently undergone some gentrification and renewal.

The postal code for Woodstock is 7925 (streets) and 7915 (boxes)

Things to do and see in Woodstock:

  • The Old Biscuit Mill in Albert Road holds a market every Saturday
  • The Ruth Prowse School of Art is housed in the original Roodebloem farmhouse
  • The King’s, Queen’s, and Prince of Wales’ blockhouses on Devil’s Peak.
  • The Woodstock  Foundry, 160 Albert Road,
  • Woodstock Trafalgar Park, where the last remnant of a line of fortifications built by the Dutch in the 1780s can be seen, also a brick kiln built in the 1830s
  • The Treaty Tree in Treaty Road is an old milkwood tree. The peace treaty between the English and the Dutch after the Battle of Blaauwberg was signed here in 1806. Up until 1834 slaves were sold at the tree and convicts were hanged there.
  • The Old Castle Brewery was designed in 1901 by New York architect, H. Steinmann. It was recently saved from demolition and restored. Beach Road in front of it is where the shoreline once was.
  • Take a walking tour that promotes “start-ups” in the area
  •   The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St George at 75 Mountain Road was built in 1904 for the Greek community of Cape Town. Byzantine-style frescoes decorate the vaults, walls and apse with depictions of Jesus and various other saints and icons.
  • Free Walmer Estate/Woodstock walking tour
  • The Woodstock Exchange creative hub
  • If you drive around you will see graffiti (murals) These are on buildings, walls, and even fences. The art is dynamic, community-driven and constantly changing. Much of the work is commissioned and is always done with the permission of the building’s owners. Tour the art with Juma at juma.mkwela@gmail.com
  • Take a train to Kenilworth with an amusing educational soundtrack

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Useful Numbers in Woodstock


  • Police: 021 442 3117
  • Traffic department: Gallows Hill Traffic Department-0860 103 089
  • Fire: 021 444 0830 ape own central
  • `Water:0860 103 089
  • Electricity: 0860 103 089
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Post office;021 447 2475
  • Library:021 444 6867
  • Closest hospital;
  • Woodstock Community Health Centre-021 447 2844
  • Pharmacy;Medi-Place Pharmacy-021 447 6871
  • SPCA: Cape of Good Hope  021 700 4140
  • Schools: Alpha School-021 447 1212
  • Mountain Road Primary School-021 447 5246
  • Queen’s Park High School-021 448 1997
  • St Agnes Dominican Convent Primary School-021 447 2839
  • Museum;/ Art Galleries
  • Handsome Fukka Studios-073 453 0077
  • Studio Grob-083 256 1170
  • Juma art tours-073 400 4064
  • Alex Hamilton Gallery & Art Studio-021 447 2396
  • Woodstock Hall: 021 447 0252
  • Residents association: committee@woodstock.org.za                                                                [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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