History of Jongensfontein

Province: Western Cape
Garden route
Coordinates:34°26′S 21°20′E
Area:2.34 km2 
Municipality­ – Hessequa

Humans have lived in this area for millennia. There is evidence that about 2000 years ago domesticated cattle were introduced.
An expedition of Dutch settlers in 1713 discovered a freshwater spring near the beach, they also encountered Khoi people. However, the Khoi population was decimated by smallpox that same year.
The oldest deeds record of the area is dated 1762 and is for a farm Swarte Jongens Fonteyn. The area however later became known as Groote Jongensfontein.
The spring that the early settlers found is a few hundred metres from the beach. Ryk Tulbagh granted Michiel Muller permission in 1762 to use the farm and its supply of fresh water for grazing. The farm became an erfpagplaas for a group of farmers.

Jongensfontein has been a holiday destination ever since the spring was subdivided in 1916. 31 people got property rights and permission to build small mud and reed houses which were sometimes leased as holiday accommodation. Later mud houses made way for double-story holiday and retirement homes.
. Groot Jongensfontein and its sister town Stillbaai could only be reached by boat. A ferry service was opened in 1932 over the Kaffirkuils River which is now called the Gouka River The ferry shuttle closed in 1951 but that year it carried 3000 vehicles over the river.

Things to see and do in Jongensfontein

  • Hessequa art route
  • The Jongensfontein Nature Reserve has some great hikes and trails. The Eden 4×4 Sand Route is a popular venue for camping and 4×4 enthusiasts. The “Speelgat” will test any driver’s skill and the performance of your vehicle. The Jongensfontein Municipal Caravan & Camping Park is well-maintained and affordable
  • A  library has been opened in the historical roundabout which is the oldest building in Jongensfontein and it dates from 1932. The library operates on the basis of borrowing a book or books, reading them at your home or caravan, and bringing them back. There is no supervision and the Management relies on the honesty of borrowers. Feel free to bring books with you as a donation.


The postcode for Groot Jongensfontein is 6675 (boxes only)

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Useful Numbers

  • Hessequa Municipality – Tel: (028) 713 2222
  • Police: Stillbaai 028 754 6100/ 6104/ 6109
  • Traffic department: Riversdale-028 713 8000
  • Fire: House / Building Fires – Tel: 084 014 1828
  • Water: 028 713 2222
  • Electricity:028 713 2222
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Post office; Stillbaai 028 754 1115
  • Library: Stilbaai 028 713 7831
  • Closest hospital; Riversdal Hospital – Tel: (028) 713 2445
  • Carewell Clinic – 082 616 0640
  • Pharmacy;Blombos Pharmacy Stillbaai-028 754 1057
  • SPCA:082 700 2491 / 082 722 2909
  • Museum:  082 630 0230 (appointment only)
  • Ratepayers association  082 630 0230 
  • Social Welfare at the N G Church office, 028 754 1705
  • NSRI: 082 855 9460

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