History of Bredasdorp

Province: Western Cape

Coordinates; 34.5385° S, 20.0569° E
Area 25.15 km2
Municipality Cape Agulhas

Bredasdorp is one of two termini of the railway line from Cape Town. The town is the commercial centre for 4000 square kilometres. It was established partly due to a dispute between Michael van Breda and Pieter Voltelyn van der Bijl. They could not agree on the site on which to build a church. Michael van Breda wanted it to be built on his farm Langefontein and Pieter Voltelyn van der Bijl wanted it to be built on his own farm Klipdrift. They could not resolve the dispute and consequently, two churches were built. One on Langefontein and one on Klipdrift. The church at Klipdrift marked the establishment of the town Napier. The one on Langefontein became the Bredasdorp church which was built between 1838 and 1842 with further expansions taking place in 1856. Bredasdorp was named after Michael van Breda. He also introduced Merino sheep to the area when he began farming sheep on his farm Zoetendals Vallei. (Sweet Valley). The Zoetendal was a Dutch vessel that ran aground in 1673 on the nearby coastline. The area is known for wheat production dairy and wool. Wildflowers are abundant particularly the red Bredasdorp lily and Elim Hath that are indigenous to the area

Bredasdorp station

The postcode for Bredasdorp is 7280

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Things to do and see in Bredasdorp:

  • Heuningberg Nature Reserve is tucked away in the hills overlooking the town.
  • De Hoop Vlei, 40 kilometers south-east of Bredasdorp in the Western Cape, is the oldest Ramsar wetland in South Africa (12 March 1975
  • -The famous Shipwreck Museum was opened in April of 1975.
  • -short hikes and walks in the nearby mountain


Useful Numbers in Bredasdorp

  • Police: 028 425 5400
  • Municipality: 028 425 1157
  • Traffic department: 028 424 2440
  • Fire: 028 425 1690
  • Water: 028 425 5599
  • Electricity:028 425 5604
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Post office;028 424 1370
  • Library: 028 425 5614 / 15
  • Closest hospital; Otto Du Plessis-028 424 2652
  • Pharmacy; Bredasdorp Primary Healthcare Pharmacy-028 425 1193
  • SPCA: Animal Anti-Cruelty League- 082 898 0787
  • Schools: Bredasdorp Primary School-028 424 1334
    Bredasdorp High School-028 424 1210
    De Heide Primary School-028 424 1230
    Albert Myburgh Secondary School-028 425 1517
    Heldersig Koshuis-(028) 424 1210
    Albert Myburgh Senior Secondary School-028 425 1517, 028 424 1689
    DS de Wet School- 082 929 4276
  • Museum; Shipwreck Museum-028 424 1240
  • Cape Agulhas Tourism Office: 028 424 2584                                                                    [/vc_column_text]

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