Site of The wreck of The Golden Buys

History of Veldrif

Province: Western Cape
West coast
Coordinates:32°47′S 18°10′E
Area:8.87 km2
Municipality: Bergrivier

First European here in 1497

Veldrif a bit inland from the mouth of the Berg River was named when a local farmer Theunis Smit drove stock through a drift in the field to find grazing across the river. The first European there was Vasco Da Gama in 1497 sometime after he entered St Helena Bay when looking for fresh water.


In 1693 a Dutch ship the Gouden Buys ran aground about eight miles south of the river mouth after most of the 200 crew had died of scurvy and other diseases. Seven of them came ashore and only two men survived. They were rescued by a Hottentot clan that lived on the river bank. Authorities in Holland sent ships on a rescue mission to fetch them and salvage the cargo.
In 1899 a pontoon was built to cross the Berg River. People started visiting the area as it was a fisherman’s haven. Europeans arrived and settled at Laaiplek at the mouth of the Berg River.

  • The postcode for Veldrif is 7365 (Boxes and Streets)
  • The license plate prefix for Veldrif is CFP


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Things to see and do in Veldrif

  • There is an abundance of marine life due to the cold Benguela current with a wide variety for angling particularly surf angling Galjoen between Velddrif and Dwarskersbos.
  • 12000 tons of salt are produced at the Cerebos plant each year.
  • Veldrif is famous for Bokkoms ” a salted and dried herring
  • The church in Waterkant Street is now an art gallery
  • The endpoint of the Berg River marathon ends at Port Owen marina just downstream from Veldrif.
  • On the Last Friday of every month, there is a festival of live music, food and drink specials, and art gallery exhibit openings.




Useful Numbers

  • Police: 022 783 8025
  • Traffic department:
  • Fire: 022 433 8700
  • Water:0227831112
  • Electricity:0227831112
  • Ambulance:10177
  • Post office;022 783 0222
  • Library: Noordhoek 022783 1112
  • Closest hospital; clinic 022 783 0971
  • Pharmacy; 022 783 0424
  • SPCA: Animal care home 074 740 1111
  • Schools: Hoerskool veldrif 022 783 0028 noordhoek primary 022 783 0481
  • Museum; SA Fisheries Museum 022 783 2531
  • Tourism; 022 783 1821                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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