Touws River

Town by default on the railway line from Cape Town to Kimberly.railway

History of Touws River

Province: Western Cape
Coordinates: 33°20′16″S 20°02′01″E
Area: 21.62 km2
Municipality: Breede Valley

Route through the mountains

Touws River exists because of Cape Prime Minister John Molteno and the route he chose for the railway line over the Hex River mountains. The line was needed to connect Cape Town to the minefields in Kimberly.
When Molteno consulted the engineer, he was asked which route he suggested, it is reported that he took a ruler and drew a straight line between Cape Town and Beaufort West slap bang through the mountains. The engineer was dubious, but Molteno insisted that was the route that the line was to go.

Reason for the establishment of Touws River

The Cape government railways surveyed the region and found a viable route through the mountains from Worcester to the other side of the mountain where the town of Touws River was established. The line from Worcester to Matjiesfontein was opened for traffic on the 7th of November 1877. The station “Montague Road” was where the track crossed the Touws River and the station was named Touws River in 1883. for the Ladismith locomotives were changed here after the climb over the mountain. From 1924 Touws River was also a junction. The opening of the Hex River tunnel reduced the importance of the depot at Touws River.

Touws is Khoi for ash

“Touws” is derived from a Khoi word for Ash. It is not known for sure if this refers to the Ash bushes or the colour of the soil. Touws River was sometimes known as the Ash River.
Touws River is a quiet town surrounded by farms and nature reserves. There are also old steam engines on display harking back to the glory days of steam locomotive transport.

The license plate prefix for Touws River is CW and the  postal code is 6880

Things to see and do in Touws River


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Useful Numbers

Police:023-3588000, 023-3581849
Municipality; 023)358-1192
Traffic department: Worcester 023 347 0959
Fire: 083 272 3714 Alternative contact-022 433 8700
Water: Municipal manager 022 913 6000.
Electricity:Municipal manager 022 913 6000.
Ambulance: 10177
Post office; 023 358 1032
Library:023 358 1191
Touws River Clinic-023 358 1189
Pharmacy;023 358 1091
SPCA:Touwsrivier Diere – 063 455 8046
Schools: Touwsrivier Primary School – 023 358 1057
Steenvliet Primary School – 023 358 1239
Museum;Old Loco Train-023 356 2700
De Kruine Secondary School – 023 358 1751
Steenvliet Primary School – 023 358 1590

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