History of Muizenberg

Province; Western Cape
Coordinates: 34°06.3′S 18°28.3′E
Municipality: City of Cape Town
Area: 15.14 km2

Muizenberg has been a holiday destination since the late 1880s

Muizenberg “mice mountain” in Afrikaans, is a suburb at the 20-kilometre long beach on the False Bay coast. it was named for Wynand Muys who was an early official of the Dutch East India Company who lived in the area. It has been a popular holiday destination since about 1886 when holiday homes were built there by the rich who visited after the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand. The pavilion, originally built of wood in 1911 harks back to this elegant era. Muizenberg is considered the birthplace of surfing in Cape Town.

The British and the Battle of Muizenberg


The Battle of Muizenberg was a small but significant military affair that began in 1795 and ended three months later with the (first) British occupation of the Cape.
Thus began the period (briefly interrupted from 1804 to 1806) of British control of the Cape, and subsequently much of Southern Africa. Cannons from this time can be seen at “Het Posthuis” and on the Muizenberg station platform.
In 1882 the railway which up to that point only reached Wynberg was extended to Muizenberg. Many of the buildings in the area are in the Art Deco style of the town’s heyday. The pavilion was built in 1905 and was replaced with the present structure in 1928.

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The postal codes for Muizenberg are 7945 (streets) and 7950 (boxes)


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Things to see and do in Muizenberg

  • Muizenberg festival held in October or November  072 214 5091
  • Muizenberg Beach has blue flag status.
  • Take a guided walk through the village with Voice Map
  • The colourful bathing boxes are available to rent during the season. Make a booking at the beach office at 1 Beach Road or contact: +27(0)21 709 6076 or harald.ross@capetown.gov.za
  • The Zandvlei footbridge

Useful Numbers in Muizenberg

  • Police: 021 787 9000
  • Traffic department: Fishhoek: 021 784 2160
  • Fire: Lakeside 021 480 7700
  • Water: 0860 103089
  • Electricity: 0860 125002 Beach Road Muizenberg
  • Ambulance: 10177
  • Post office; 021 788 2675
  • Closest hospital; Muizenberg Clinic 021 444 3914
  • Pharmacy; Rustenberg pharmacy 021 788 1278
  • SPCA: 021 700 4140
  • Schools:
  • Muizenberg junior 021 788 4118
  • Muizenberg high 021 788 1424
  • Tourism 021 787 9140
  • Museums
  • SAPS museum;    : Rhodes Cottage,      Het Posthuys

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