Heritage sites in the Western Cape

Cultural and historical buildings

1652 and so on

The first settlers arrived at the Cape to stay in 1652. They began immediately to establishing gardens and building homes and a fort ( Cape Town Castle)

The Cape is full of interesting buildings from that time to more recent constructions as well. Some of these buildings are interesting and valuable from a heritage and a cultural point of view.

60 years plus

If buildings are older than 60 years and they have some value in terms of these criteria, you can apply for Heritage status.

A heritage site application will need to fulfill the following points. Bear in mind that the building must be

  • Important to a community and have played a role in the history of that community
  •  It could relate to an important person with regard to their life and work.
  • The building could be of aesthetic, creative technical, or architectural importance
  •  It could have the potential to assist in the understanding of natural or cultural heritage.
  • The building could have social, or religious significance.

Valuable cultural heritage

South Africa has a colourful and diverse history. The building could represent a time or event in the history of the country. Applications to have a building noted and preserved for future generations can be made at Heritage Western Cape  This is the provincial heritage resources authority. This board is responsible for the identification, protection, and conservation of valuable architectural and natural assets.

An application will need to include  a short history, description, plan, and photos

Altering a heritage site

When a building has been declared a heritage site it is protected against

Damage in as far as defacing, subdividing, or altering. Heritage buildings are provisionally protected If you would like to renovate a heritage building you need to make another application to hwc@westerncape.gov.za to which you will need to submit the address and erf number of the site

For more information concerning the application for heritage status please mail eoheritage@westerncape.gov.za The offices are in Cape Town City

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