Why list with Colourdots?

Colourdots is a local directory for small businesses


Let people know where you are.

Why list with Colourdots? Times are very uncertain at the moment in uncertain times it is more important than ever to advertise. Marketing is not optional, it is essential.

With the unprecedented issues we face currently, we find that so many formal businesses have closed, some probably forever.  So many people have lost their jobs and many people are struggling.  Yet everyone has some skills and abilities.

We all have skills

Colourdots encourages you to use the knowledge and skills you have to earn an income. These skills could include growing vegetables in your yard, baking cupcakes, mending clothes or appliances, or even making widgets in your garage.

Your enterprise can be new or established, the idea is to get visitors to the site to support local. These enterprises could be conducted at premises, at your home, or from the boot of your car.

Basic listings are FREE

A FREE basic listing is like a mini-website. Select a region and a category.  There is a space for a photo, a description, phone numbers, and a linked email address, and a physical address. Your physical address does not have to appear on the page if you prefer not to publicize it. Once your listing is submitted,  it is SEO optimized and activated. This may take 24 hours. Colourdots is a new platform and our traffic is growing daily.

Showcase the Western Cape

The site currently covers over 300 towns and suburbs in the Western Cape. Visitors can find all listings in a category in the whole region or filter the returns to find all listings in specific regions such as Cape Winelands or Helderberg etc. Then the listings can be filtered further by selecting particular towns and suburbs such as Strand, Hermanus, Fishhoek, and so on.

There is also an option to link your listing to a website and your social media.


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