History of Leeuw Gamka

Province: Western Cape
Coordinates:32°46′25″S 21°58′49″E
Area:11.5 km2
Municipality: Prince Albert

The town of Leeuw Gamka is named Lion twice. Leeuw(Lion in Afrikaans) and Gamka(Lion in Khoi) The two rivers in the area are named Leeuw and Gamka respectively. Hundreds of years ago before the settlers moved in, the plain was populated with many lions. The town exists because of the railway line which reached the area in 1879 and a station was opened. Originally called Fraserberg road as the nearest existing station was Fraserberg.
A small town developed around the station with some stone cottages being built for railway workers, also a hotel and a station building were erected.
Leeuw Gamka began as an outspan area where travelers could rest. There was drinkable water and good grazing. It was a popular spot where explorers, migrant farmers, missionaries, and even outlaws stopped over, camping near a grove of thorn trees at the confluence of the two rivers.
When some diamonds were discovered in Hopetown in 1867 and in Kimberly in 1868 A lot of traffic passed through Leeuw Gamka. The discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand in 1886 brought another wave of fortune hunters through Leeuw Gamka.
The Anglo Boer War from 1899 brought troop trains of wounded soldiers. The hotel and railwaymen’s houses were converted into a hospital and convalescent wing.
The stone blockhouse on the river bank was built in 1901 by the British who were intent on guarding the railway line bridge. The remains of it can be seen today.

The postcode for Leeuw gamka is 6950


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Things to see and do in Leeuw Gamka

  • The Anglo-Boer War Grave
  • -The blockhouse is one of South Africa’s last, still fully functional telephone operator offices

Useful Numbers

  • Police: 023 521 8000
  • Municipality 023 521 2135
  • Traffic department:
  • Fire: Prince Albert ; 082 220 0848
  • Water: 023 541 1014
  • Electricity: 023 541 1014
  • Ambulance:10177
  • Post office; post agency 023 521 2001
  • Library:023 521 2837
  • Closest hospital;023 521 2124
  • Pharmacy;
  • SPCA: Beaufort west Karoo SPCA072 847 7312
  • Schools:Leeuw gamka primary 023 521 2049                                                                         [/vc_column_text]

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