History of Rondbosch

Province:Western Cape
Coordinates ; 33.9636° S, 18.4763° E
Area ; 6.42 km2
Municipality ; City of Cape Town

Food farming for the settlers

In about 1656 a group of Dutch East India employees was sent to the banks of the Amstel or Versse Rivier now called The Liesbeek river in order to plant crops. Here they found a circular grove of thorn trees (Ronde Doorn Bosje) which they used as a “kraal” for protection. Some time later they were granted “Free Burger” status and they farmed along the banks of the river.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Rondebosch became a predominantly English-speaking area. Under the group areas act of the apartheid government, Rondebosch was declared a whites-only area, but since 1994 it has become more integrated.

The postcodes for Rondebosch are 7700(streets) and 7701 (boxes)


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Things to see and do in Rondebosch

  • The Irma Stern Museum, is named after the South African Artist who received International and National recognition during her lifetime, probably the smallest Gallery in Cape Town is in the Home where she lived. Many of her paintings are displayed here. The gallery also displays other contemporary South African artists

Useful Numbers

Police: 021 685 7345
Traffic department:Hillstar Traffic Department 0860 103 089
Fire: 021 685 7345
Water:0860 103 089
Electricity:0860 103 089
Ambulance: 10177
Post office; 021 686 5504
Library:021 689 1100
Closest hospital;Rondebosch Medical-Centre Private Hospital-021 680 5920
The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital-021 658 5111
Pharmacy; Rustenburg Pharmacy-021 686 3997
SPCA: Cape of Good Hope SPCA-021 700 4140
Schools: Rondebosch Boys High School -021 686 3987
Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School-021 686 4635
Rustenburg Girls’ Junior School-021 689 1981
St Joseph’s Marist College-021 685 6715
Micklefield School.-021 685 6494
Westerford High School-021 689 9154
Little Bosch-021 683 3989
Bishops Prep-021 659 7222
Oakhurst Girls’ Primary School-021 686 4404
Forres Preparatory School-021 689 2727
Rustenburg Girls’ High School-021 686 4066
Groote Schuur Primary-021 685 7295
Rosebank Junior School-021 689 4069
Golden Grove Primary School-021 674 2155
Lea Pre-Primary Schoo-021 689 1607
Pro Ed House School-021 686 1567
Bishops Diocesan College-021 659 1000
Vera School for learners with Autism-021 696 2844
Museums; Cape Town Museum of Childhood-021 683 2420
Irma Stern Museum-021 650 7240[/vc_column_text]


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