History of Rawsonville

Province: Western Cape
Cape Winelands
Coordinates: 33°41′4.9″S 19°18′54″E
Area: 2.42 km2
Municipality: Breede Valley

First sales in Rawsonville

In 1858 Johannes Petrus Jordaan was put in charge of the farm Aan -de-Smalblaar and he divided part of the farm into 57 small plots which were sold by public auction. The town was then named after William Rawson who was the Cape Colonial Secretary from 1854 -1864. It was decided with the participation of 45 local”deelhebbers” that a school should be built in Rawsonville. It was called De Goudini School The high school there still bears this name.  The word Goudini is most probably from the Khoi expression meaning”Bitter honey valley”

Church discussion

In 1878 a public meeting was held to establish whether a Dutch Reformed church was needed in Rawsonville and permission was granted for the Goudini Dutch Reformed congregation to be formed. Town management was granted to Rawsonville under the “Village Management Act” in 1883

Farming Community

Rawsonville is a farming community in the Breede River valley, The area has been settled by European farmers since the early 1700s. Farms here produce table grapes and grapes for wine.

Flooding in Rawsonville

By the 1850s it became necessary to form a hamlet for the local farmers, as the Breede River regularly burst its banks, and became impassable, so farmers could not reach Worcester. If it rained for 6 hours or more, even the Smalblaar River flooded and water ran through the village.


The postcode in Rawsonville is 6845


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Things to see and do in Rawsonville

  • Slanghoek valley road
  • Goudini Spa at the east end of Badsberg (Bath Mountain) Water here surfaces at a temperature of 40 degrees. it is somewhat radioactive but there are very few impurities.

Useful Numbers in Rawsonville

  • Police: 023 3498300
  • Municipality-023 348 2600
  • Traffic department: Worcester: 023 347 0959
  • Fire: Breede valley fire brigade 023 348 9060
  • Water:023 348 2600
  • Electricity:023 348 2600
  • Ambulance: 10177 023 342 0478
  • Post office; Post agency 023 349 1050
  • Library: 023 349 6646
  • Closest hospital; 023 3491042
  • Pharmacy;
  • SPCA: Worcester animal welfare 023 347 1049
  • Schools: Goudini High 023 349 1070
    Rawsonville primary 023 349 1721
  • Tourism : 023 614 2471                                                                                                        [/vc_column_text]

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