History of Nelspoort

Province: Western Cape
Coordinates:32°7′S 23°0′E
Area:72.04 km2
Municipality: Beaufort West

During the 1700s Trekboers arrived in the Karoo. These were semi-nomadic farmers. They were Afrikaans-speaking migrants. Previously the land was inhabited by San peoples for thousands of years. Evidence of this comes from rock paintings of an animal, long-extinct and identified as Megalotragus of the bovine genus. This dates paintings to 10 000 years and older.
The town of Nelspoort was established when John Molteno who later became Prime minister of the Cape colony, established a farming enterprise by that name. He built a large network of farming estates. The enterprise was geared towards export of the wool. The area continued as a sheep farming area with the farm Nelpoort at the centre.


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Useful Numbers in Nelspoort

: Most services are in Beaufort West

  • Police: 023 416 1888
  • Municipality– 023-4148100
  • Traffic Department – 023-4143409
  • Fire: 023-4148176 10177
  • Water:023 414 8100
  • Electricity: 023 414 8100
    Post office;
    Closest hospital; 023-4148200
    Pharmacy; Nuweveld Pharmacy: 023-4142151
    Schools:Restvale Met Primary School-023 416 1648[/vc_column_text]

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