History of Nature’s Valley

Province: Western Cape
Garden route
Coordinates:33°58′50″S 23°33′33″E
Area:1.14 km2
Municipality: Bitou

Nature’s Valley has been inhabited for thousands of years

The coastline surrounding Natures Valley shows evidence of Stone age life existing there about one million years ago. San Hunters are known to have inhabited the area 10 000 years ago. They were displaced by Khoikhoi herders who migrated from the interior.
The area was impenetrable because of the deep gorges preventing east-west traffic. In the 1800s there was no easy route from Plettenberg Bay to Tsitsikamma.

Road built by the famous Thomas Bain

Thomas Bain the renowned road builder completed a road from George to Knysna. This provided better access to the coastal area. Natures Valley joined the known world when the Grootrivier pass was completed in1880.
On surveying, the area in 1868 Bains felt he could help prevent some of the destruction of the forests by the Dutch East India Company woodcutters who had been in the area since the late 1700s When the road was complete the forestry department proclaimed lots in the valley. The first person to settle here was Hendrik Barnado. He went to great lengths to protect the forest.
Eventually, Barnado sold part of the farm to a syndicate in 1941 and the remainder of the farm was bought in 1943. The village was declared in 1953 and called Natures valley

Nature’s Valley lies at the end of the famous five-day Otter Trail.  The lagoon,is the dominant feature of this little secluded coastal village. The town is surrounded by indigenous forest and the Garden Route National Park,

The postcode for Natures Valley is 6602


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Useful Numbers in Nature’s Valley

  • Bitou Municipality General inquiries 044 501 3000
  • Police: 10111/ 044 501 1900
  • Traffic department:044 501 3240 / 3251 Plettenberg bay
  • Fire: 044 533 5000
  • Water:044 501 3000
  • Electricity:086 003 7566/ 044 501 4103/4
  • Ambulance: 10177 Medlife Private Ambulance 044 533 6444
  • Post office; Plettenberg bay044 533 1260
  • Library:044 501 3130
  • Closest hospital; Knysna Provincial Hospital 044 302 8400
  • clinic 044 501 3700/1/4 plettenberg Bay
  • Pharmacy; Alpha Pharm Plettenberg bay – 044 533-2278
  • SPCA:PAWS Animal welfare 083 287 9917                                                                      [/vc_column_text]

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