Can you make money gardening your yard?

Make a profit from your back yard garden

Is backyard farming profitable?


Earn from your backyard garden.

Can you earn income from your garden or your backyard farm? The answer is Yes you can. You will need to strive to make your backyard farm as functional as possible. Plan it around the space you have.

Healthier environment

. There is a growing market in environmentally friendly products. People are looking at waste in new ways too. Composting is a great way to manage waste. You can even look at selling compost.

Lose some lawn

You could consider converting some of your lawn into a vegetable garden. Lawns take resources like water and time to maintain it. If it is rather a veggie patch these resources could rather go towards generating food. Rather than grass that just absorbs effort grow food. You can also start a compost heap which will further make use of a resource that would otherwise go to waste.

Allocate a small space in your yard you can grow many varieties using trellises cages and other structures. These gardens can be attractive as well as practical.

Fruit-bearing bushes like raspberries blueberries and currents are nice bushes which bear fruit for many years

Your vegetables will need a lot of sunshine and it needs to be away from play areas and places where your pets may cause damage.

How to start a backyard farm

 Animals or just fruit and veg gardening?

You will need to decide if you want to have animals on your urban farm. You could look at permaculture which includes animals in the biosphere. Start small. You will need quite a lot of space for pigs or chickens. Even a basic chicken coop needs space. It is cruel to make animals live in cramped conditions. If space is very limited It would be better to source meat, eggs and dairy products from a local farmers market.

Look it up

Do some research and educate yourself about best practice for local gardening, also check the bylaws. Check what competition there is and be sure to not double up and do the same. Find something that other people are not doing. Visit other urban farmers and see what they are doing. Do not be afraid to ask for advice. It is wise to identify your customers before you plant. Also will you sell direct to customers or will you join a farmers market?

At the planning stage establish what sort of scale you will be working at and what methods.

These methods include Vertical farming, aquaponics, and hydroponics or microgreens. Will you grow organic foods? It is best to start small and grow the market. Expand when you see the market growing

More people these days are looking at urban farming for profit. If you focus on niche markets and concentrate on specialised higher-margin products.

Start-up costs can be minimal but will vary widely depending on many variables such as location, structures and site preparation. More costly items would include growing tunnels, greenhouses. Other expenses will be tools and possibly containers. Outcomes will also depend on the type of crop you grow and the length of the growing season


Growing your own produce takes some dedication but it is truly worthwhile