Holidays at home

Take your holidays locally

Change is as good as a holiday

If you are on a low budget but you still want to take a holiday you should look at planning a “staycation.” A local holiday in the Western Cape can be as much fun as it can be educational. You can be a tourist in your own town or you can go a bit further afield. It could be fun to opt to take a holiday at home in your own country where you will find there are so many interesting and beautiful places to visit. There are fascinating stories, historical places, adventures and outdoor activities close to home.

Switch off the TV and your emails, block all the distractions and plan your break. If you choose to stay home and visit places within your city. You will be saving on air fares and accommodation so a small budget can go so much further.

Do things as you would on a holiday. Eat out, go for picnics and visit attractions nearby. Rent a car and take a drive somewhere interesting. If you usually drive everywhere, try taking public transport for a change. Cape Town My City Bus is an efficient and inexpensive way to see the city.

Low budget holidays

“A change is as good as a holiday,” they say.  Be spontaneous, get out.

  • Sit at a pavement café,
  • Go shopping in a different centre,
  • Take a walk/hike.
  • Stay in your guest room if you have one.
  • Book into a local B and B for a night.
  • Have a celebration drink.
  • Have sundowners on your own patio.
  • Drive new routes to familiar places.
  • If you live at the coast, visit different beaches.
  • If your budget is really low why not try camping in your own yard? Pitching your tent at a campsite is still a budget option.

If you have children, let them get involved in the planning. Let them choose some of the activities

.Traveling close to home

With the money you save from your airfare, why not stay in a five-star hotel? Even if just for one night. Take a train trip. Train trips are great. You can enjoy a constantly changing view from the window. You can read a book while you travel or have a picnic as you get to your destination. When you fly you miss out on the sights to see on the way.

Take a road trip. This is one of the best ways to see your country. You can travel at your own pace, This way you can stop wherever you like. Sleep when and where the fancy takes you and you can come back when you have had enough.

See Your Hometown through Foreign Eyes

Contact a travel agent and get some advice about the best things to see in the town. Check the lists that you find on Colourdots for hikes, museums, nature reserves adventures and so much more.

Learn something new. Check the history of the town.

Colourdots has a short history on most of the towns and suburbs in the Western CapeTake a guided tour and learn something about the place. Colourdots has a short history of most of the towns and suburbs in the Western Cape. Many activities and attractions are listed on the site. Maybe you would enjoy taking a lesson. Perhaps a cooking lesson, painting lesson, learn to surf learn to abseil or just join a group hike. There are so many options your days will be very full if you like that. If you prefer peace and quiet there are so many places where there are very few people and the scenery is spectacular.

Eating something different


The Western Cape is famous for good eating. Try restaurants you have never been to before. There are so many to choose from. Dress up and have a dinner date night or arrange a visit to a special country restaurant. The cape has wonderful country restaurants wine farms and

  • Go out for breakfast. There are great places in town
  • Or you can try a beach café where you can watch seagulls also take their breakfast.
  • Go and have sundowners somewhere beautiful
  • Take a picnic to a beauty spot. There are hundreds of places with spectacular scenery where you can go.
  • Go to a garden centre with a cafe
  • Spoil yourself and try out some fine dining. There are so many local choices

Indulge and relax

The holidays are about resting and relaxation. Go to a spa, and have a massage. You do not have to visit Sweden to get a Swedish massage. There are plenty of places in the town or somewhere in the countryside where you can be pampered.


. Go on a tour of your own town A guided tour may educate you about the history and geography of the area. Remember to take a camera and record the tour in pictures.

Find beaches you have never visited before try canoeing or board surfing. Boats are great fun There are several boat charter companies who can take you out on the high seas.

Is Go to the local botanical gardens where you can relax amongst beautiful flowers or find the closest game park or nature reserve where you can get up close and personal with local fauna and flora. Go to the beach or spend the day at a river or lake. Try some water sports or just relax If fishing is your thing to find a peaceful spot and set yourself up. Watch the sunset from a beauty spot.

Visit the planetarium or do some real stargazing. For this, you will need to get away from the bigger towns and away from ambient light.

Take an adventure

Check the Colourdots list of adventure suggestions. Take a bushwhacking hike or a coastal walk. If you have a lot of energy and are quite fit, climb a mountain. There are great mountain bike trails all around the Western Cape. Go bowling, play a round of golf or try snorkelling. If you are really adventurous why not go shark diving. Find info on Colourdots

Shopping, support local small businesses

Shopping is retail therapy wherever you do it. You can go into shops full of beautiful stuff you probably don’t need or you can find unusual food and grocery stores Farmers markets, craft markets and flea markets are great for bargains and to inspire creativity. It is always fun to see what people are making and selling.

Arts and Culture

History does not have to be stuffy and boring. There are some exciting and scary stories of bravery and sacrifice. There are some very funny stories and the Western  Cape has its fair share of ghost stories and sites where ghosts are said to occupy. Every town has a history, some towns are very old, some not so old but most places have something interesting to see. A little research will reveal where museums, art galleries, theatres and museums can be found. The Western Cape is full of historical sites and monuments. The province is scattered with heritage attractions. from the Karoo to the past. There are also many other places such as sacred sites churches and mosques and synagogues, labyrinths mountain passes, bridges, Boer war blockhouses and so much more.

Another great idea is to take a class and learn something new. There are some great cooking schools, where you can learn some local recipes. Go wine tasting and learn about winemaking Learn to surf or paint. This will be lots of fun, you can experience something new and meet a whole new group of people.

Do not forget to take your camera and take lots of shots for your memories. If you have ideas to add to the Colourdots list of things to do in the Western Cape please mail










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