History of Harfield village

Province Western Cape
Coordinates 33.986°S 18.476°E
Southern Suburbs
Municipality; City of Cape Town

Harfield village or “Lower Claremont” sprung up during the early to the mid 19th century when the Naval base was moved to Simon’s Town in 1814 and the “Main road was built connecting Simon’s Town and Cape Town. Claremont was the “Seventh milestone” and a collection of shops and houses were built. The area attracted settlers. (mostly British)
Harfield village station and Harfield road were named after Harfield cottage built by Thomas Mathew, an early resident who was a successful cooper and wine merchant.
Until the railway line was extended to Wynberg in 1864, the area was rural and poorly developed, with a few farms along a sandy track full of deep puddles in winter.
Up to as late as 1877 there were still only a few houses mostly occupied by non-Europeans.
Mid 19th Century found about a third of Cape Town’s population being of the Muslim faith. People were moving out of town into the suburbs and The Claremont Main Road Mosque was established in 1854 as an offshoot of the Buitengraagt street mosque The Harvey Road Mosque was built in 1909.
In 1931 Harfield village station was opened to transport a growing working class who lived in this area. The area grew popular towards the mid-twentieth century as it had good public transport and infrastructure. The small village has seen many changes. The residents of today are from varying racial and religious backgrounds and they live and work peacefully together.

The postcode for Harfield Village is 7708


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Things to see and do in Harfield Village

  • Hampstead Park Outdoor Gym  Cnr Hampstead Road and Third Avenue, Harfield Village
  • Public parks are Surrey, Princess, Purley, and Hampstead. These parks are maintained by Friends of Harfield Parks.   This is a community group who works with residents and the council. They clean graffiti, plant trees and flowers, and work on replacing old or dangerous play equipment and they ensure the parks are clean and safe. harfield.parks@gmail.com

Useful Numbers

  • Police: 021 657 2250
  • Traffic department: Hillstar Traffic Department-0860 103 089
  • Fire: Wynberg -021 444 9623
  • Water:0860 103 089
  • Electricity:0860 103 089
  • Ambulance: 10177 orER24 South Metro-086 108 4124
  • Post office;021 674 3800
  • Library;021 673 2060
  • Closest hospital;Claremont private hospital-21 670 4300
    Life Kingsbury hospital- ER- 0216704180
  • Clinic-021 444 6426
  • Pharmacy;021 671 8919
  • SPCA: 021 700 4140
  • Schools:”
  • Livingstone high: 021 671 5986
  • Cedar house: 021 762 0649



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