Emily Hobhouse was born in England in April 1860. she was a welfare campaigner, feminist, and pacifist who brought the attention of the British public to the horrific conditions in the British concentration camps where Boer women and children were kept captive.



Emmily Hobhouse died in Kensington in 1926. While she is regarded as a heroine in South Africa her death went unreported in the British press.  Her ashes were put into a niche in the National Women’s Monument in Bloemfontein.

As the heroine she was to South Africans she is commemorated in several places. A town in the Free State is called Hobhouse. A Submarine in the SA navy and the oldest residence of the Free State University is named after her.

In 1990 a film directed by Dirk de Villiers called That Englishwoman: is an Account of the Life of Emily Hobhouse. Veronica Lang played Emily.