How to use ColourDots

Find it in the dots Browse the listings

Find local goods and services by clicking the SEARCH button.

Enter the name of the business you are trying to locate,or type in the goods or services you are looking for. It will return some "google options and a list of all the entries on Colourdots relating to your request.



Choose the province and select the town/city area , or you can search "all areas" Then choose a category. Click "filter categories" The page of listings will appear. Select the dot for the business you are interested in which will open to a page with pictures, information and contact details. If that business has chosen the "connect" option you will then be able to click directly to their other pages ie: Website, facebook and Twitter.

List on Small business directory

Get started by clicking on login/register (top right of homepage) or drop down menu on small screens. Enter your e-mail address under 'New account" and click the blue REGISTER button. Complete the form that appears. Your listing will be activated within 24 hours. Please ensure that your details are all correct. Colourdots will contact you from time to time to ensure your details remain current.

If you would like to select our CONNECT option where you have buttons linking directly with your website, facebook pages and twitter if you have these. Then please return to the landing page where you will find the 'add on' packages and follow the prompts.

If you choose this option please make certain the name you have filled in corresponds with your "connect" information so that we can correctly upload your details.

Edit your detail Add a description and images

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View the short video that shows editing of detail and adding of images.